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The Brains of this Operation

  I currently reside in beautiful central Texas, Round Rock to be exact, and I draw a lot of my inspiration for my work from my city. The largest bat population resides under the bridge down the street from my studio, so I see

( and smell! ) them almost daily. Texas is also known for its blooming vast wildflower fields in the spring, so bluebonnets, indian paint brushes and many others work their way into my work almost year round. Also the sunsets here are quite stunning, but I have yet to perfect a replica of a beautiful sunset on any piece yet!

Still learning, still playing in the mud!

My story started as many do, with playing in the mud as a babe, and primitive sculpting with play-dough as a girl, to getting a real taste of ceramics in high school. That class planted a seed that didn't sprout for many years. I will be forever grateful to my school district for funding a ceramics program in my town,

and my many art teachers throughout my years in public schools.

My formal college education is an Associates degree in 3D computer animation and modeling,

but my passion for the past decade has been ceramics. 

I took advanced pottery techniques classes at the wonderful greenwich house pottery studio in Manhattan NYC for two years, and I regularly attend artist workshops where I continue to learn new things!

Functional sculptural ceramics is my main focus currently. I've always gravitated towards the human form in my sculptures. I loved the endless possibilities of the face and body. My unofficial motto is "no perfect pots" because it embodies the philosophy I have towards the human race..."nobody's perfect"

I will always view my work in ceramics as a work in progress, never perfect. 

I do however work very hard to produce products that will bring joy to your daily life, and to hopefully inspire each other to engage in conversation about the silly nature of my pots!

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