Hand Building


In this pottery hand building class you learn to work with clay from start to finish using several techniques like pinch, coil, slab and sculpting. You also learn to make and fasten separate finishing pieces like lids, handles and knobs. The end result will be your own clay creation. 

Projects include: plates, vases, trays. coasters, bowls, planters, garlic jars, lanterns, etc. This class is for all ages and skill levels. 

Our pottery class runs every few weeks. Days vary based on demand. Contact me, or join our mailing list to see what classes are offered this month.

If you have a group of a least four people, make a reservation for your own private pottery class. A hand building class can be turned into a pottery party to have fun with friends, a ladies night out, an anniversary, a team building activity, a family reunion, a birthday celebration, etc.

Intro to Wheel Throwing

Introduction to wheel throwing is a crash course in using a pottery wheel.

You will learn different centering techniques, and ways to use the many tools while pulling and forming vessels on the wheel.

This class will be held once a week, 3 hours per class, for 4 weeks

Surface Decoration

In this one time class we will cover various methods of surface decoration to both unfired and fired clay bodies

We will use many different objects to produce textures on the surface of wet clay. 

You will learn about the different types of glazes that can be used during different times of the production process.

I  will also cover stenciling, decals and image transfer techniques.

Students will create 1-2 medium to large clay objects, single bisque fire is included in the cost of the class, including any supplies used, such as glazes 

Making Faces 

This class will cover the basics of creating human and animal 
faces and forms.

You can choose from human or animal form, and then create away! I will provide thrown vessels to alter if desired. Face planters built with clay slabs can be made as well.

Price includes clay, supplies and a single fire in the kiln

Kids Parties to you!

Want to have a unique kids entertainment option for your next party?

I will bring everything needed to have a "mini class" during your event.


Kids of all ages can make a variety of projects. Seasonal, holiday, birthday or custom themed projects to match what your little ones will love making!

Class includes 2 hours of instruction and construction time. 15 kids included in party. $15 extra per child. Please contact me for parties over 25 for large party pricing.

Price includes clay, supplies,

and a single fire through my kiln.

Pieces will be made available for pickup within 2 weeks of party.

Valentines Day
One Time Classes

Come make a valentine (or anti valentine) day themed Project.

We will hand build anything from plates/platters, mugs, vases, picture frames, heart shaped plant pocket etc.

All materials and two firings are included (you pick a glaze at the end of class and we will glaze it for you)

Pick up finished pieces within 2-3 weeks.
Ages 6 and up